Cashmere global store

lusso made in italy al prezzo di fabbrica


In our stores characterized by large retail space you can find a selection of over 50,it’000 leaders of’clothing for men and women with a wide range of sizes and colors. Every week there are exclusive new products characterized by continuous experimentation and our qualified personnel It is capable of helping you follow your shopping tour carefully to achieve the desired style. Cashmere Global Store also it offers accessories like gloves, berrette, scarves e bags to complete a total look always fashionable.


Outlet cashmere Longastrino

Cashmere Store Global Longastrino

Via Molinetto 40 / B Longastrino (FE)
+39 0532 313033
 Monday from,it 14:00 all 19:00
 Tuesday – Friday from 9:00 all 12:00 and from hours 14:00 all 19:00
 Sabato continuato dalle 9,00 all 19,00
 Closed on Sunday



 Outlet cashmere Cervia

Cashmere Global Store Montaletto

Via delle Industrie 5 Cervia (RA)
+39 0544 964529
 Monday-Sunday from 09:00 all 13:00 and from 15:30 all 19:30


Outlet cashmere Bologna

Cashmere Global Store Bologna

Via San Donato 180 Bologna (WILL)
+39 051 518359
 Monday – Sunday continued the 10:00 all 19:00